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Habla Diablo® is a product line of EW Live® developed by Egg Works Restaurant Group with the key adage… We Make Heat Taste Great!  Anyone can make something taste hot but can you make it taste flavorful?  That’s been our goal since day 1 at Habla Diablo®.  Habla Diablo® products are produced in California and derived from the freshest high quality ingredients.  Whatever your vice may be, whether it be Bloody Mary’s or Micheladas, or even flavorful spices to bring out the best in home cooking, Habla Diablo® has your fix!

The Habla Diablo® products don’t stop there, we are currently in production with much more including a Margarita Mix!

The Habla Diablo® Hot Sauce line includes 4 delicious concoctions including our Original (featuring an enticing blend of piquin and japone peppers), our Chipotle (highlighting a smoky flavor of distinct chipotle peppers), our Verde (rich in roasted garlic, tomatillos, jalapenos, and Anaheim peppers) and for the lovers of heat, our Caliente (spicy blend of arbol and chili peppers).  Our hot sauces can take even the most mundane meals to the next level!

Another must try is our zesty line of Salsas, We Put The Treat in Heat! With our Original Red salsa loaded with a fusion of roasted chili peppers, herbs and spices that will change any party or get together! Make delicious enchiladas or pork carnitas at home with our Tomatillo Green salsa with fresh crisp cilantro, roasted tomatillos, sweet bell peppers and roasted garlic.

We’ve also standardized the Bloody Mary with our full-flavored Habla Diablo® Bloody Mary Mix.  Gone are the times the bartender throws together a can of tomato juice and pepper, and here is the fresh, mouth watering taste of the Bloody Mary standard.  In it’s rich collection of juicy ripe tomatoes, lime juice, and spices create that bold crisp Bloody Mary taste.  All you need is the vodka, or tequila if you like Bloody Maria’s!  Our Habla Diablo® Michelada Mix brings that same delicious base to be combined evenly with a beer of your choosing, and don’t forget to coat the rim with our Chelada zest!

For you cooking fanatics (like us), you are doing yourself a disservice if you don’t spice up your french fries, potatoes, or meats with one of our Habla Diablo®seasonings.  Our Potato seasoning goes great on popcorn, chicken, and of course potatoes, while our All-Purpose seasoning can put a flavor boost in french fries, burgers, and steaks to name a few.  Kicking up your ribs or blackening fish with our Cajun seasoning!